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      government. The other, Pronne des Touches, was with his father at Quebec. Towards the end of August this young man was attacked in the street in broad daylight, and received a kick which proved fatal. He was carried to his fathers house, where he died on the twenty-ninth. Dumesnil charges four persons, all of whom were among those into whose affairs he had been prying, with having taken part in the outrage; but it is very uncertain who was the immediate cause of Des Touchess death. Dumesnil, himself the supreme judicial officer of the colony, made complaint to the judge in ordinary of the company; but he says that justice was refused, the complaint suppressed by authority, his allegations torn in pieces, and the whole affair hushed. *

      The records of the Council preserve a guarded silence about this affair. I find, however, under date 20 Sept., 1663, Pouvoir a M. de Villeray de faire recherche dans la maison dun nomm du Mesnil des papiers appartenants au Conseil concernant Sa Majest; and under date 18 March, 1664, Ordre pour louverture du coffre contenant les papiers de Dumesnil, and also an Ordre pour mettre lInventaire des biens du Sr. Dumesnil entre les mains du Sr. Fillion.


      [14] Faillon, Vie de Mlle Mance, I. 18. Here again the Abb Ferland, with his usual good sense, tacitly rejects the supernaturalism.The chief condescended to visit La Salle at his camp,a favor which he would by no means have granted, had the visitors been Indians. A master of ceremonies and six attendants preceded him, to clear [Pg 303] the path and prepare the place of meeting. When all was ready, he was seen advancing, clothed in a white robe and preceded by two men bearing white fans, while a third displayed a disk of burnished copper,doubtless to represent the Sun, his ancestor, or, as others will have it, his elder brother. His aspect was marvellously grave, and he and La Salle met with gestures of ceremonious courtesy. The interview was very friendly; and the chief returned well pleased with the gifts which his entertainer bestowed on him, and which, indeed, had been the principal motive of his visit.

      he had before derived his authority from the seigniors of the island, he now derived it from the governor-general. It was a movement in the interest, of centralized power, and as such was cordially approved by Laval


      INTRIGUES AGAINST HIM.At nine o'clock on the morning of the sixteenth of March, the priests saw a heavy smoke rising over the naked forest towards the south-east, about three miles distant. They looked at each other in dismay. "The Iroquois! They are burning St. Louis!" Flames mingled with the smoke; and, as they stood gazing, two Christian Hurons came, 379 breathless and aghast, from the burning town. Their worst fear was realized. The Iroquois were there; but where were the priests of the mission, Brbeuf and Lalemant?


      * Frontenac au Ministre, 2 Nov., 1672. Marie de[2] Ibid., 83 (Cramoisy).


      Colonel B. Heneker, a regiment, and 3,500 a-year for his seat.