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      When they reached home they found the duke up and awaiting them; for he rarely left his own apartments until late in the afternoon.

      "Now, why so? I can't ever please her enough to be pleased with her. I'm too confounded frivolous! I love nonsense, doggon it, for its own sake! I love to get out under a sky like this and just reel and whoop in the pure joy of standing on a world that's whirling round!"

      To London?

      Have you been playing tennis? he asked.

      CHAPTER XIV.She laughed with her eyes closed.

      Both Trafford and Varley started as if to go also; but Norman waved them back.

      Not so light were the thoughts Anna kept unuttered. Here again, she reflected, was he who (according to Greenleaf) had declined to command her guns in order to let Irby have them. Why? In kindness to his cousin, or in mild dislike of a woman's battery? If intuition was worth while, this man was soon to be a captain somewhere. Here was that rare find for which even maidens' eyes were alert those days--a born leader. No ladies' man this--"of all things on God's earth!" A men's man! And yet--nay, therefore--a man for some unparagoned woman some day to yield her heart and life to, and to have for her very own, herself his consummate adornment. She cast a glance at Flora.


      Not literally. That evening, yes, an end of it, but not the very next four, did Kincaid spend with Anna. It merely looked so to Flora Valcour.


      I suppose most girls would not mind. But I expect Im different, having been brought up differently, andand I cant bear it.She is lovely! exclaimed Lord Selvaine, softly. And she is as charming as she is beautiful. Such innocence andand freshness! I declare to you that if I were a marrying man, and, say, a trifle of twenty years younger, I should be in love with her. By Jove! I am in love with her as it is!


      But she failed to ask; only confessed herself unfit to judge anybody's English.All right, said Esmeralda, Im quite ready. But what shall we do with these things?