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      Un instant seulement mes lvres ont press

      CHAPTER VIEh! how are you, mon ami? I am delighted to see you, my dear Chevalier de

      When I was alone I opened the mysterious letter, and by the light of my lamp I read as follows:

      "Yes, ma'am."Here she finished the portrait of the young Princess von Lichtenstein, as Iris. As she was represented with bare feet, her husband told Mme. Le Brun that when it was hung in his gallery, and the heads of the family came to see it, they were all extremely scandalised, so he had placed a pair of little shoes on the ground under it, and told the grand-parents they had dropped off.



      Madame Vige Le Brun


      It was remarked later that under Louis XIV. no one dared think or speak; under Louis XV. they thought but dared not speak; but under Louis XVI. every one thought and spoke whatever they chose without fear or respect.